Alpine rock climbing in Jura

Due to bad weather conditions in the Alps, we went north to the Jura mountains for rock climbing at Mont Raimeux, Moutier. A guest's film.

Klettertour Trotzigplanggstock

A client's film from a rock climbing trip to Trotzigplanggstock and Wichelplanggstock on a perfect sunny day in Octobre 2017.

Roadtrip 2016, Wallis, Swiss Alps

A client's film from our road trip in 2016, where we skied nothing else than fresh powder every day! Places we skied: Lötschental, ...

Powder Roadtrip in the Swiss Alps, 2015

This film is from a guest of mine who joined on this fantastic roadtrip in late February 2015. We skied in Airolo and in different small resorts in Valais, Swiss Alps.

Livigno powder, Italy

A client's film from our short trip to Livigno in February 2014. The best way to get this pow, is to book a flight ticket and then go where the best snow is. At least that's the way we did it.

A Secret Spot, by Nicolas & Loris Falquet

The latest film by Nicolas & Loris Falquet includes footage from Chile where I could join them in the terrain while filming in the Andes.

Chilean Spines / Puma Lodge, August 2012

Heliskiing Engelberg / Sustenlimmi, March 2012

Chilean Heliski, promo video