Gross Diamantstock, E ridge

A client's film from a daytrip to Gross Diamantstock in August 2020.

Gross Bielenhorn, SE ridge

These two films are from a guest of mine while we were climbing together the SE ridge at Gross Bielenhorn, Switzerland, in September 2018.

Alpine rock climbing in Jura

Due to bad weather conditions in the Alps, we went north to the Jura mountains for rock climbing at Mont Raimeux, Moutier. A guest's film.

Klettertour Trotzigplanggstock

A client's film from a rock climbing trip to Trotzigplanggstock and Wichelplanggstock on a perfect sunny day in Octobre 2017.

Roadtrip 2016, Wallis, Swiss Alps

A client's film from our road trip in 2016, where we skied nothing else than fresh powder every day! Places we skied: Lötschental, ...

Powder Roadtrip in the Swiss Alps, 2015

This film is from a guest of mine who joined on this fantastic roadtrip in late February 2015. We skied in Airolo and in different small resorts in Valais, Swiss Alps.

Livigno powder, Italy

A client's film from our short trip to Livigno in February 2014. The best way to get this pow, is to book a flight ticket and then go where the best snow is. At least that's the way we did it.

A Secret Spot, by Nicolas & Loris Falquet

The latest film by Nicolas & Loris Falquet includes footage from Chile where I could join them in the terrain while filming in the Andes.

Chilean Spines / Puma Lodge, August 2012

Heliskiing Engelberg / Sustenlimmi, March 2012

Chilean Heliski, promo video