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Bergsee / Schijenstock south ridge

The climbing on the south ridge to Schijenstock is long and offers great rock quality. On the top of this three-thousand-meter peak you will be rewarded with an extraordinarily beautiful view to the glaciars of Dammastock.

Recommended climbing level: 4a and higher.

from CHF 650

alpine rock climbing Schijenstock south ridge with Bergseeschijen

Grosser Diamantstock East ridge

Climbing Grosser Diamantstock over its east ridge is one of the best climbs in Bächlital. Early in the morning you walk over rocky slabs and glaciers up to the start of this magnificent climb.

Recommended climbing level: 4c, long alpine tour.

from CHF 990

alpine rock climbing Gross Diamantstock Bächlital Grimsel

Ridge climbs at Furka

At Furka you find many classic climbs in best granit rock: ESE ridge on Gross Furkahorn (4b), Schildkrötengrat on Chli Bielenhorn (4a), Gross Bielenhorn SE ridge (4c), Strahlengrat (3b), Gletschhorn south ridge (4a), etc.

Recommended climbing level: 3b and higher.

from CHF 650

alpine rock climbing near Andermatt Bielenhorn Furka

Your favourite climbing tour

Do miss here on my website your climbing tour of desire? Do you dream of climbing one of the granite peaks in Bergell like Fiamma or Badile north ridge, or south ridge of Trotzigplanggstock or the traverse of Gelmerhörner in Haslital? If so, don't hesitate to contact me.

from CHF 650

alpine rock climbing Bergell Albigna Badile