Powder dreams at Passo del Tonale

Even though my home mountains in Engelberg Valley are covered with lots of snow since early winter, we went south to ski offpiste. We headed to Passo del Tonale, just north of Adamallo massif. Passo del Tonale offers great skiing for those you don't mind to walk for their powder runs. 

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Chasing powder in South Piemonte

Starting our ski road trip at the airport of Milano, we decided to travel to the very south of the Italian Alps. Weather forecast seemed to be very promising: lots of fresh snow in Limone Piemonte and Argentera area, followed by really cold temperaturs. Luckily weather forecast was more than right. We were skiing in the lightest powder snow in all aspects, and this at end of February.

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Freeride in Val d'Anniviers

Val d'Anniviers, surrounded by some of the highest peaks of the Alps, offers great offpiste terrain. In this beautiful valley, the best runs are reached by using your skins. Thanks to this you can find good skiing even days after the last snow fall. Also "powder stress" doesn't seem to exist here. Often you have to deal in this valley with an old snow avalanche pattern due to its dry clima. But thanks to the huge snow dumps in January 2018, things are different now!

Early winter powder

After a really good winter start in November we experienced a snowy December in the Swiss Alps. Great about December offpiste skiing are the facts, that sunny slopes stay powdery and you don't have to share the snow that much. January also brought lots of snow, but unfortunately it was often windy and we had to deal with a high snow fall level. So chasing for the best snow was not always easy.

Winter season 2018 has started

The last two winters were bad and starting slowly. Not this year! In mid November 2017 we already had two good powder days in Engelberg Valley. The pictures above were all taken on Nov 16th, 2017 at Brisen, Engelberg valley. Let's hope for a good winter season with deep snow.